What’s Included In A Mommy Makeover?

What’s Included In A Mommy Makeover?Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can be hard on a woman’s body. Loose abdominal skin, stretch marks, stubborn fat, and deflated breasts are a few major changes that occur. Diet and exercise can help to a major extent, but they cannot restore your body to the pre-pregnancy appearance. 

Mommy makeover is a combination of customizable surgical procedures that can give your body back its pre-pregnancy appearance. Dependable board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bram Kaufman provides mommy makeover surgery to patients in Cleveland, Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Lyndhurst, OH, and surrounding locations.

Procedure Options in Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover is a highly customizable cosmetic surgery procedure which can help you achieve your desired look. The surgeon will educate you on all possible treatment combinations during the personal consultation. They will understand your preferences, goals, body type, and lifestyle before doing this. In most cases, mommy makeover procedures may include a tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction, and breast augmentation plastic surgery. 

These are explained in detail below:

Tummy Tuck

  • Removes localized belly fat
  • Removes excess abdominal skin and tightens the muscles
  • Removes stretch marks
  • Achieve a smoother waistline and a flatter stomach

Tummy tuck can either be partial (area below the navel) or full (entire abdomen). 


  • Get rid of excess body fat in the targeted areas permanently
  • Removes stubborn fat pockets
  • Can be performed on flanks, abdomen, calves, thighs, back, ankles, face, upper arms, and neck
  • Helps in achieving a smoother silhouette

Breast Lift

  • Lifts and reshapes the breasts
  • Corrects mild to severe breast sagging
  • Nipples and areolas can be positioned higher for a perkier appearance
  • Includes a wide array of surgical techniques for choosing from
  • Achieves a more attractive and lifted breast shape

Breast Augmentation

  • Increases breast volume for correcting deflated breasts
  • Enhances breast size and shape
  • Natural looking results through breast implants
  • Includes a wide array of surgical implants and techniques to choose from
  • Achieves youthful fullness and firmness in breasts

Other procedures

  • Nonsurgical procedures
  • Labiaplasty
  • Brazilian butt lift

Improvements Achieved By Mommy Makeover

Flat and Toned Tummy

Pregnancy causes a lot of stretching in the abdominal skin and muscles. They don’t bounce back once the child is born. Your abdominal muscles may remain disengaged with sagging and stretched skin. Tummy tuck can be used for tightening the stomach muscles and getting rid of excess fat for a flat and toned tummy.

Firm and Perky Breasts

Your breasts will swell and prepare to lactate after childbirth even if you don’t intend to breastfeed. Breast surgery, such as breast augmentation and breast lift can be used for restoring the appearance of breasts to perky, firm, and youthful. 

Trim Silhouette

Stubborn fat pockets can be incredibly difficult to reduce following childbirth. Hips, waistline, buttocks, and thighs are prone to developing localized deposits during pregnancy. Mommy makeover procedure may be customized to include liposuction for targeting these areas directly. Liposuction will remove the excess fat pockets for a more trim and smooth looking silhouette.  

Highly astute cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bram Kaufman receives patients from Cleveland, Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Lyndhurst, OH, and nearby areas for mommy makeover surgery.

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