Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) Surgery

Brachioplasty, also known as an arm lift, is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the upper arm. The surgical approach is through an incision on the back and/or inner part of the arm. This creates a considerably long and somewhat visible scar. Therefore, this surgery is most appropriate for individuals in whom the trade off of a scar for a markedly improved contour is acceptable.

Of course, we all come in different sizes and shapes and not all upper arms are the same nor do they require the same surgical approach. The arm with a lot of excessive skin and little fat deserves a different operation than one with little excess skin and a lot of fat. Dr. Kaufman’s years of experience allow him to advise the patient on the surgical options, the benefits, the risks and give them a reasonable understanding of the outcome they can expect.

Although most brachioplasty surgeries are directed toward a better appearance, there is still often a “functional” indication. Most people find that clothing fits better and they are better suited to continue exercise without chaffing after brachioplasty

Brachioplasty requires a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the arm. Dr. Kaufman carries the Certificate  in the Subspecialty of Surgery of the Hand (formerly CAQ Hand) and is an accomplished hand surgeon This makes him uniquely capable of preforming brachioplasty safely and effectively.

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