Hand Surgery For Hand Trauma Reconstruction

Hand Surgery  Most of your daily tasks require use of your hands. An injury that damages them can cause difficulty in performing even the simplest

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What is Breast Augmentation Mastopexy (BAM)?

BAM Breast augmentation mastopexy is recommended for those people that want to get implants and a decided lift to their breasts. The procedure is among

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Hand Surgery For Brachial Plexus Injury

Hand Surgery  The term brachial plexus refers to the network of nerves that connect the spinal cord with the hand, arm, and shoulder. Any injury

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Hand Surgery For Arthritis

Hand Surgery Several small joints in your hand work together allowing you to do different things. When these joints are affected by arthritis, you are

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Post Bariatric Surgery Body Contouring

Post Bariatric Surgery When people achieve a major weight loss through either lifestyle changes or weight loss surgery, they soon notice an excess of sagging

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Types of Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery The hand is a vital part of the body and its proper functioning is important for an active life. Sometimes, congenital defects or

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What is a weak chin / jaw line and what can you do about it? 

Chin Augmentation Implant Surgery to Strengthen Your Jaw Line The degree to which a jaw line is defined is pivotal in shaping the attractiveness of a face in

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Nipple And Areola Reduction Surgery 

Nipple Surgery  The overall aesthetics of your breast depend largely on the shape and size of the nipples, and the dark pigmented area that surrounds

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Mole / Skin Tag Removal 

Mole Removal  Skin tags and moles are unusual skin outgrowths that are generally harmless. Their cause is unknown, but they often develop in middle aged adults. Skin

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Chin Augmentation Before And After Photos 

Chin Augmentation  Chin augmentation plastic surgery procedure involves the surgical insertion of artificial implants to add body to a receding chin and make it more proportionate

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