Labiaplasty | Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

LabiaplastyLabiaplasty, which is popularly known as vaginal rejuvenation, is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to make the vagina tighter and firmer. The surgery is performed on the labia, which may include inner vaginal lips or labia minor, or outer vaginal lips, or labia major, or both.

The term ‘labia’ refers to the ‘lips’ that surround the vagina. The procedure labiaplasty is typically performed if the labia becomes elongated or loses its shape. The goal is to make the labia shorter and more youthful looking, and enhance the symmetry between the inner and outer labia.


Women who are bothered by the excessive length of the labia and desired to have it shortened may be sparkling candidates for labiaplasty. Some women may have longer or hanging vaginal lips due to natural construction, while some others may develop this condition following childbirth or due to aging. If fat reduction is necessary in the vaginal area, a liposuction procedure may be performed in conjunction with labiaplasty.


The plastic surgeon may decide to perform labiaplasty using either general anesthesia or intravenous sedation with local anesthesia. The excess tissue will be excised with a surgical scalpel or with laser in some cases. The loose edges will be sutured usually with fine, dissolvable stitches. The entire procedure will take about one to two hours. Results with the procedure are usually long lasting and aesthetically appealing.


Most patients will experience some pain and discomfort in the first week following the surgery. Nearly 75 percent of the swelling will subside by the end of the first week. Remaining swelling will disappear gradually in about two months.

The surgeon will usually advise the patient to avoid vigorous exercises as well as sexual intercourse for about four weeks. However, most patients can go back to their workplace and resume regular activities in about a week.

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