Testicular Implant Reconstruction

Testical Implant Surgery

Thousands of men have chosen to proceed with testicular implantation to restore a normal appearance. Of course, the procedure is not for everyone and the decision is a very personal one for the patient and his significant others. In addition, a qualified Plastic Surgeon or Urologist is needed to help with this process. The common indications for placement of a testicular implant are loss of a testicle due to cancer, those with an undescended testicle, loss of a testicle due to trauma or torsion (twisting), and those with congenitally (from birth) small and/or nonfunctional testicles.

The benefits of receiving a testicular implant are restoration of a normal appearance, the creation of a testicle with a texture and feel similar to the normal testicle, and the restoration or maintenance of ones confidence. The surgery is low risk, usually takes about 30 – 60 minutes and is performed as an outpatient. Most men desire some sedation or anesthesia in addition to local anesthesia (numbing medicine) which also provides pain relief for many hours after the surgery. In general, the surgery is not particularly painful.

Testicular Reconstruction

Currently, there is only one FDA approved implant for testicular reconstruction. I have experience with this implant, the Coloplast Testicular Implant, which is a saline filled silicone shell. They are available in four shell sizes and can be filled to an even wider range of sizes with saline. The biology of the procedure is similar to that of breast implants (also saline filled shells), and the two procedures share many of the same advantages and disadvantages. I have extensive experience with breast implants and bring this knowledge to the table.

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