What questions should you ask your plastic surgeon about spider vein treatment?

What questions should you ask your plastic surgeon about spider vein treatment?Among people over the age of 40, spider veins are a common problem. This condition impacts women more often than men. Sclerotherapy is a proven medical spa procedure to treat spider veins.

At the time of the pre-treatment consultation, the provider will inform the patient on various facets of spider vein treatment to enable them to make a well-considered decision.


Upfront and Honest

A responsible provider will encourage the patient to ask questions and clarify any doubts that they may have prior to making a decision. Patients who have clarity on all aspects of the procedure usually feel more appreciative of the final outcomes.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bram Kaufman provides spider vein treatment to patients in Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Cleveland, OH, and surrounding locations.


Does the provider have the professional skills and experience to undertake spider vein treatments?

The patient should have clarity on the treatment provider’s credentials and qualifications prior to making a final decision on their spider vein medical spa procedure. Ideally, a board-certified plastic surgeon should supervise the spider vein treatment.

Plastic surgeons with board certification usually invest in high-quality standards and best practices. They often implement these not only in surgical procedures but in every non-surgical treatment that is administered under their guidance.  


Will the provider or their staff offer the patient support before, during, and after the spider vein procedure?

Teamwork is a pre-requisite for success in vein treatments. The provider should be working with a team of highly trained medical staff that is dedicated to providing patients with excellent care. Caring and compassionate staff members will cater to the patient’s needs in a more attentive and personalized manner.

The patient will undergo the treatment in a pristine and relaxed setting. They will also receive post-treatment support and guidance, which is a major contributory factor to the overall patient satisfaction levels.


Will spider vein treatment cause scarring?

To treat spider veins, an experienced provider may recommend the sclerotherapy treatment option. This is an entirely non-surgical procedure which only involves an injectable treatment to remove spider veins in a precise manner.

The provider will inject directly into the impacted veins. The patient will not need to worry about any post-treatment scarring when working with a skilled and experienced treatment provider. This treatment will restore smooth and clear skin in the treated areas.


What is the estimated downtime after spider vein treatment?

In most cases, the minimally invasive spider vein treatment does not involve any downtime. There may be some mild redness and inflammation in the injection areas. But this will resolve by itself within one or two days.

The provider may advise the patient against aggressive physical activities and exercises in the initial 24 hours. However, patients should walk and resume routine activities almost immediately following the sclerotherapy procedure.


What are the estimated costs of the procedure?

A committed provider will provide the patient with information on the estimated costs and financing options available, wherever applicable. The treatment costs may differ depending on the treatment extent and the number of treatment sessions needed.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bram Kaufman receives patients from Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Cleveland, OH, and nearby areas for spider vein treatment.
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