What are the risks of spider vein treatment?

What are the risks of spider vein treatment?Sclerotherapy is a proven and safe procedure to address unattractive spider veins in the legs. But it is vital for the patient to work with a qualified provider to undergo the injectable treatment for spider veins.

The vein treatment provider will inform the patient on various facets of sclerotherapy, including its potential risks and safety profile to enable them to make an enlightened decision.


A Clear Explanation

During the pre-operative consultation, the patient should openly ask the provider any questions that they may have regarding the procedure or the provider’s background. A dedicated surgeon will offer transparent and satisfactory answers to the patient’s questions and offer them clear guidelines on the pre- and post-procedure care.

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Side Effects

After sclerotherapy, the patient may experience some or all of the following side effects around the injection sites:

  • Elevated red areas
  • Minor bruising
  • Tiny skin sores
  • Spots, lines or darkened skin
  • Multiple red blood vessels

These side effects will resolve by themselves in a few days or weeks. Treatment is usually not necessary. However, in rare cases, a side effect may persist for months or even years.


Serious Complications

In rare cases, more serious complications of sclerotherapy may occur. The patient will require prompt medical attention in such cases.


Some patients may experience discomfort and warmth around the incision sites due to inflammation. The medical spa treatment provider will prescribe meds to the patient to manage the swelling.

Blood Clotting

A blood clot may develop in the treated vein, which will need to be drained. Rarely, the clot may move to a large vein around the injection site. This condition is known as deep vein thrombosis.

Pulmonary Embolism

The development of deep vein thrombosis involves the risk of a serious but rare complication known as pulmonary embolism. In this condition, the blood clot from a deeper vein may travel to the lungs and obstruct a vital artery. The patient will need prompt medical care if they complain of chest pain, dizziness, or breathing issues.

Formation of Air Bubbles

In exceptional cases, tiny air bubbles may develop in the blood. Sometimes this condition may not present any symptoms. However, at times, patients may complain of headache, fainting, nausea, and visual impairment. In case these symptoms persist or worsen, the patient should seek immediate medical attention.

Allergic Response

Some patients may experience an allergic response to the drugs used in sclerotherapy injections and will require medical care.


How to reduce risk?

As an important first step to the sclerotherapy treatment, the patient should work with an experienced and trained spider vein treatment provider. The injection sessions should be spaced apart appropriately to allow the treated veins to respond and generate long-lasting outcomes.

Following the treatment, the provider may ask the patient to walk on a treadmill for a few minutes. They may also instruct some patients to wear compression hoses for a few weeks after the procedure.

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