What to expect at your spider vein treatment consultation?

What to expect at your spider vein treatment consultation?Spider veins and lattice-work like varicose veins can lead to an unappealing skin appearance in the affected areas. If these conditions are not treated in a timely manner, they can also cause discomfort and other complications.

A number of minimally invasive treatment options are available today to treat these diseased veins. At the time of the initial consultation, the treatment provider will recommend the most suitable solution to the patient depending on their condition.


The Full Picture

The spider vein treatment process commences with an in-depth consultation informing the patient about the treatment, addressing their questions and concerns, establishing their candidacy, and creating an individualized treatment plan.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bram Kaufman provides spider vein treatment to patients in Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Cleveland, OH, and surrounding communities.


Pre-Op Consultation

At the time of the consultation, the vein treatment provider will establish whether only compression therapy is necessary for the patient, or if the need to undergo the sclerotherapy injectable procedure to address the spider veins.

They will explain the various steps involved in sclerotherapy and assist the patient in making an enlightened decision. The patient will also be given pre- and post-treatment guidelines to ensure optimal results.


Questions and Answers

The patient should openly ask questions pertaining to the sclerotherapy injectable procedure and understand the background of the treatment provider.

A responsible provider will offer detailed and transparent answers to the patient’s questions and address their concerns in a satisfactory manner. When patients have complete clarity on the procedure and the steps involved, they usually feel more reassured and make better decisions.


Costs and Financing

At the time of the consultation, the patient should ask the provider about the approximate sclerotherapy costs, including the pre and post-treatment costs, if any. The patient may also be able to receive guidance on insurance and financing options and payment methods from the practice.  


Medical Assessment

During the initial consultation, the provider will establish the patient’s candidacy for sclerotherapy or another vein or vascular procedure. They may ask for the previous medical records of the patient and perform a physical examination of the affected sites and skin type. The treatment provider may need clarity from the patient on the following aspects:

  • Has the candidate experienced an injury, pain, or skin allergy in the impacted areas in the past?
  • Has the candidate previously undergone a surgery around the treated area?
  • Has the candidate received some type of vein therapy in the past?
  • What prescription and non-prescription meds and supplements is the candidate using presently?
  • What are the candidate’s lifestyle behaviors such as smoking and drinking?
  • Does the candidate have a family history of vascular or vein conditions?


Evaluating the Vein Condition

The treatment provider will thoroughly examine the condition of the spider veins to develop a customized sclerotherapy treatment plan.

If the problem is more extensive, they may check for signs of deeper vein problems. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bram Kaufman receives patients from Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Cleveland, OH, and nearby areas for spider vein treatment.
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