Mole / Skin Tag Removal 

Mole Removal 

Mole / Skin Tag Removal Skin tags and moles are unusual skin outgrowths that are generally harmless. Their cause is unknown, but they often develop in middle aged adults. Skin tags are commonly found in areas of folding skin such as on the neck, in the groin and buttock folds, below the breasts and in armpits or on the eyelids. Skin tag removal is done by different methods such as tying off or strangulation, freezing, snipping, or burning.  

Moles are growths of groups of pigment cells also known as melanocytes. They are more commonly found on skin areas exposed to sunlight. Most moles are round or oval and have a dome-like shape. The surface is smooth and an even colored brown, tan or pink and the entire mole is not more than one-fourth inch wide in size.  

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bram Kaufman provides mole and skin tag removal to patients in Cleveland, Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Lyndhurst, OH, and surrounding communities.  

Should You Have Skin Tag or Mole Removal? 

If you notice any skin outgrowths, you may find it difficult to decide what to do about it. A surgeon can evaluate the growth and decide if it needs to be removed.  

Moles that stay the same over time are generally not a cause for concern. If you notice any change in the size, height, color or texture of the mole, you must see a doctor. If the mole starts itching or oozing blood or other secretions or the mole develops a lumpy feel, see a doctor at once.  

Skin Tags vs. Moles Treatment 

Skin Tags 

You should not consider skin tag removal unless they are a cosmetic problem or causing you some discomfort. Skin tag removal is a simple procedure performed in the surgeon’s clinic. The doctor first injects a local anesthetic, then cuts off the tag or ties it off. In some cases, doctors also use freezing, a procedure used for warts removal.  


These are sun spots that appear on the skin. They are relatively easy to treat with the help of fading or bleaching creams. Chemical peels, laser treatment, liquid nitrogen freezing, and intense pulsed light treatment are some of the methods used for lentigines. These methods are not useful for true moles showing suspicious growth signs.   


If you have moles that show signs of change and a doctor who evaluates them feels they need removal, there are a wide variety of methods available. Surgical treatment of moles involves a minor procedure performed in the surgeon’s office. The entire mole is excised and sent to the laboratory for pathological examination.  

Mole removal is best done by a trained cosmetic surgeon. Most people recover quickly without much discomfort. A small scar is likely to remain on the site from where the mole has been removed. Over-the-counter drugs are generally sufficient to deal with any pain in the first few days following the surgery. 

If the pain persists or other adverse symptoms appear, you should consult with your surgeon as soon as possible. Plastic surgeon Dr. Bram Kaufman receives patients from Cleveland, Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Lyndhurst, OH, and nearby areas for mole and skin tag removal. 

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