Liposuction Plastic Surgery vs. Laser Lipo

Liposuction Plastic Surgery vs. Laser Lipo
Liposuction is a procedure which includes removal of excess fat from your body through a surgical method. The fat removal is done by the usage of hollow tubes made up of metal which are commonly known as cannulas.

Fat removal can be done from the below mentioned areas using the procedure of liposuction.

• Breasts
• Hips
• Abdomen
• Back
• Cheeks
• Upper Arms
• Inner Thighs
• Calves
• Inner Knees
• Flanks
• Outer Thighs
• Chin

Liposuction can be further categorized into various procedures based on the techniques used. Out of these one of the popular one is ‘smart lipo’ also known as laser assisted liposuction. In this procedure laser is used on the skin cells to liquefy the fat cells and then it is suctioned out of the body.

Comparison between Laser Lipo and traditional Lipo

Lately there is much debate on the topic of whether a smart lipo is a better option as compared to traditional liposuction. Some claim that smart lipo is a better option as the incisions required to perform a smart lipo are very less, thereby reducing the chances of scarring. There is less amount of blood loss and bruising. The time taken to perform a smart lipo surgery is also less comparatively to a traditional liposuction. Also the time taken to heal after the surgery is not as much as the time taken to heal after a traditional liposuction. Another unique benefit of smart lipo is that it is said to increase the elasticity of the patient’s skin resulting in tightened skin cells.

But all these results vary from one individual to another. There are also proven facts that the laser used in smart lipo may cause additional burning of the skin cell tissues. Smart Liposuction is a far more expensive procedure in comparison to traditional liposuction. The effect of skin tightening will also not be visible amongst older individuals as the skin loses its natural elasticity with age.

However, Smart Lipo is suggested in case you want to contour more sensitive body parts like your face and other fragile areas that will need a more mild approach. Traditional Liposuction can be more helpful if you are looking at excess fat removal from a larger area such as your abdomen. Along with a traditional liposuction you also require an extra surgery for the removal of excess skin which is not the scenario in case of a laser lipo or smart lipo.
Whether you opt for a laser lipo or a traditional lipo, the cosmetic plastic surgeon who will perform the surgery plays a major part in achieving the desired results after a liposuction.

Dr Bram Kaufman (MD. FACS) is board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in all kinds of liposuction and various other different cosmetic surgeries. He practices in and around the areas of Pepper Pike and Cleveland, Ohio.

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