Liposuction Plastic Surgery vs. Ultrashape

Liposuction Plastic Surgery vs. Ultrashape

There are various different kinds of ways for fat removal nowadays.

Liposuction -The most common and popular amongst them is liposuction wherein large amount of fat is suctioned out of your body with the help of cannulas. Liposuction is a surgical procedure and can only be performed after an anesthesia.

• Ultrashape – Another method which is becoming increasingly popular amongst the masses is Ultrashape. It is also a procedure wherein excess fat is removed from your body, with the help of mild ultrasound. The procedure is non surgical in nature and is apt for treating smaller areas for patients who want to reduce fat without the help of any kind of surgery.

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Differences between Liposuction and Ultrashape

Though both Ultrashape and liposuction work towards achieving the same goal of excess fat removal, both are very different procedures.

• Liposuction is a surgical procedure whereas Ultrashape is a non surgical one.

• When you opt for a liposuction surgery it is performed once for the elimination of fat whereas in case of an Ultrashape at least an average of three sessions is required in order to eliminate the fat from the targeted area.

• Because the procedure of Ultrashape is non surgical in nature, any sort of sedation or anesthesia is not required to perform an Ultrashape. But in case of a liposuction, anesthesia is mandatory because it is a surgical procedure.

• The cost of undergoing an Ultrashape is very less as compared to a traditional liposuction plastic surgery. Hence it is more cost effective.

• The visible results of an Ultrashape is instantaneous but to maintain the shape of your body you need to take care of your diet and be on a proper exercise routine which is not the case for liposuction.

• Through a liposuction surgery you can get rid of large amount of fat but through an Ultrashape you can only eliminate fat from very less targeted areas.

• The chances of scarring, bruising, swelling and other side effects are close to nil following an Ultrashape procedure but for liposuction you will definitely face such side effects since it is a big surgery.

• Recovery period for an Ultrashape is also very less when compared to a traditional liposuction. Usually for a lipo you can take up to 3 to 4 weeks for recovery. Sometimes it is more than that depending on your medical condition but after undergoing an Ultrashape it takes very less time for recovery.

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