Botox Treats Depression

Botox Treats Depression

What is depression?

Depression is a mood disorder which affects the physical and emotional well being of a person in their daily life. It is of a serious nature and leaves them with a persistent feeling of sadness. The most common symptoms of depression are Loss of interest, anxiety, irritability, feeling of – helplessness, sadness, guilt etc. Recognizing these symptoms at an early stage is essential in the treatment of this disorder. Depression if left untreated can lead to other physical and emotional problems.

What is Botox?

Botox is a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Botox is commercially manufactured for medicinal and cosmetic uses. As a medicine it is used to treat spasms and other muscle disorders. It is used in Cosmetic Surgery as a muscle paralyzing agent to prevent the developments of wrinkles.

How is depression treated?

The Common treatments for depression are Talk therapy and prescribed anti-depressants. Talk therapy includes Psychiatric counseling , discussion of physical and emotional happiness etc. Anti-depressants are also prescribed to patients to help them. There are also certain cases where the Patients do not have a favorable response to either of these methods. In such cases, a combination of one or more of these methods are used for treatment of this disorder.

Using Botox to treat depression.

An investigative study was conducted by researchers at Hannover school of medicine on the effects of Botox in treating depression. It was found that the Control group treated with Botox showed a 47.1% reduction in symptoms of depression. Similar studies have shown the positive effect of using Botox in treating depression.

Botox helps in relaxing the muscles on the face. The ability of the facial muscles to frown or stress is arrested by this neurotoxin. It is known that our emotions are a direct result of our state of mental health. These emotions expressed on our faces can be controlled by Botox Injections. The investigators of these studies argue that the expressions on the patients faces have a resounding effect on their mental state. Treating frown line formations will mirror its effect on a person’s emotional state. By limiting the ability of these muscles to frown and stress, Botox helps in improving their mental state.

Who can administer Botox shots?

Dr. Bram Kaufman, a renowned Plastic surgeon serving patients in Pepper Pike, Cleveland, OH and surrounding area has over 25 years in surgical experience. Dr. Kaufman suggests patients undergoing botox treatments do so from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Botox injection is an alternative available to patients in addition to Talk therapy and prescribed anti-depressants for treating Depression. A qualified Psychiatrist can prescribe Botox along with anti-depressants and talk therapies to help a patient through the tough times. A combination of these treatment methods will help patients overcome depression.

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