What is an En Bloc Capsulectomy Breast Implant Removal?

What is an En Bloc Capsulectomy Breast Implant Removal?Are you are tired of your breast implants for one or the other reason? If your answer is yes, you can choose to have them taken out with an en bloc capsulectomy. This surgical procedure has been effectively performed on thousands of patients, and has resulted in restoring the feeling of natural softness of their breasts in women again.

In this technique, the surgeon will take out the breast implant along with a part, or all, of the implant capsule. You may choose to undergo this surgery after problems develop from a surgery performed earlier, or if you wish to have the breast implants removed from her body for cosmetic reasons.

En bloc capsulectomy is commonly referred to as a total capsulectomy but they are actually different from each other. However, all of the surgeries are designed to withdraw the breast implant as well as the capsule (fully or partially).

The en bloc capsulectomy procedure removes the implant and the capsule together, letting the breast tissue and muscles go back to their original position for a more normal appearance. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bram Kaufman provides breast implant surgery to patients in Cleveland, Beachwood, Pepper Pike and Lyndhurst, OH, and surrounding communities.

Types of Capsulectomy

The French term, en bloc, means in one piece. En bloc capsulectomy means the removal of silicone textured breast implants and its capsule as one single unit. The surgeon makes an incision around this single unit with the capsule surrounding the implant and takes it out carefully in one piece. 

This surgery makes sure the silicone gel stays inside the capsule while it is being removed. This prevents bacteria and chemicals from leaking inside the body, which could cause health problems. 

Capsulectomy, or a partial capsulectomy, is a procedure that repairs capsular contracture and takes out only a part of the scar tissue. On the other hand, a total capsulectomy eliminates all the scar tissue, including the ones around the implant along the lungs and the ribs. Usually, the surgeon will first remove the implants and then take out all of the capsular tissue.

Capsulectomy is a surgical procedure that can be performed both as an open or closed surgery. The open surgery option involves the capsule being taken out partially or wholly through a cut within the breast area. In the closed technique, the surgeon breaks down the capsule tissue while leaving the breast implant in place.

Benefits of En Bloc Capsulectomy

This procedure provides several benefits to the patients, which include:

  • The patient feels more comfortable in her own skin
  • Patients regain the feeling of the natural softness in their breasts
  • Improved streamline shape and form
  • Patients can wear more comfortable bras after the procedure 
  • They can indulge in strenuous activities without any discomfort
  • Post- surgery they can sleep easily in a prone position
  • Better and renewed body image 

Who is the Right Candidate for an En Bloc Capsulectomy?

You are a suitable candidate for this surgical process if you are in good overall health and wish to remove or replace your breast implants. There are several reasons why you may want an en bloc capsulectomy surgery: 

  • Not satisfied with the appearance of your breast, 
  • Asymmetry and the shifting of your implant
  • You have developed complications from having scar tissue around your implant
  • Deposits of calcium in the breasts
  • Deflation or rupture of an implant
  • A breast cancer diagnosis

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