Types of Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

Types of Facial Plastic Surgery ProceduresFace is aesthetically the most important and visible part of the body. Facial cosmetic surgery procedures can reduce the signs of aging, enhance facial features and proportion, and significantly improve an individual’s aesthetic appearance.

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The plastic surgeon commences the procedure by placing an incision in the hairline, right above and in front of the ear.

This incision continues under the earlobe and follows the back of the ear blending into the hairline. The surgeon will gently lift the skin, and tighten the underlying connective tissue and muscles. They may also remove some fat and excess skin.

The incision is aligned in men such that it accommodates the natural beard lines. Regardless, the incision is placed discreetly within a natural skin crease. The surgeon trims the excess skin and then closes the incisions with metal clips or sutures.



In this cosmetic surgery procedure, the surgeon initially accesses the cartilage and bone support on the nose through incisions placed inconspicuously within the nose.

For some patients, the surgeon may place an incision in the skin area that separates the nostrils. After that, they will reduce, augment, or re-arrange the underlying bone and cartilage to reshape the nose.

In case the nose bridge has a hump or bump, the surgeon will reduce it to create a more attractive profile. The patient may receive soft tissue or cartilage grafts if a part of the nose is disproportionately small for a more balanced facial appearance.

The nose angles in relation to the forehead or upper lip can also be changed further by contouring the support structure of the nose. Subsequently, the tissues are redraped over the new structure, and the incisions are sealed.  



This procedure commences with the placement of an incision right behind the ear, in the natural crease where the ear connects to the head. Subsequently, the surgeon will eliminate the necessary amounts of skin and cartilage needed to accomplish an aesthetically appealing look.

Sometimes they will trim the cartilage and reshape it into a more attractive form and then pin the cartilage back using permanent sutures to hold the cartilage in position.

In some patients, the surgeon will not eliminate any cartilage and use stitches to hold the cartilage in position permanently. The surgeon will sculpt the cartilage appropriately and then use sutures to anchor the ear until it heals.


Chin Augmentation Surgery

The surgeon begins the chin augmentation procedure by placing an incision in either the natural crease beneath the chin or within the mouth, where the lower lip and gum join. After that, the surgeon gently stretches this tissue to make space for the implant.

This implant comprises synthetic materials that feel very similar to the natural tissue of the chin. They are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

This enables the surgeon to insert an implant that is appropriate for the patient’s unique facial structure. After the implant is inserted, the surgeon closes the incision using fine sutures.


Facial Reconstruction

A patient may require facial reconstruction surgery after a disease or an accident to restore function as well as appearance. Facial reconstruction includes procedures such as fracture repair, scar revision, vascular birthmark treatment, cleft lip and palate repair, orthognathic surgery, surgery for craniofacial deformities, or cancer reconstruction.

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