What should you expect during a consultation for arm lift surgery?

Arm lift surgery

What should you expect during a consultation for arm lift surgery?The next step after identifying a plastic surgeon for arm lift cosmetic surgery (brachioplasty) is to schedule an initial consultation. The consultation process is a vital element of the brachioplasty procedure and lays the foundation for effective cosmetic surgery.

The patient should interact with the surgeon closely during the consultation, and openly ask questions to clarify their doubts or concerns. The surgeon will use the consultation as an opportunity to establish whether brachioplasty is a suitable procedure for the patient or if it needs to be performed in combination with or replaced by another surgery.

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Establishing Candidacy

During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will establish whether the patient is an appropriate candidate for brachioplasty.

They will evaluate the patient’s previous medical records and examine their current medical condition. Ideally, the patient should carry a complete list of current medicines and supplements that they use to the consultation to save time.

The patient should honestly disclose any existing medical concerns or specific lifestyle habits such as drug use or smoking. Some types of drugs and tobacco smoke can increase the risks of complications and compromise the healing process.

Once the surgeon has clear information on all the pertinent areas, they will be in a position to gauge the risks and make suitable recommendations to the patient for preparation and recovery.

Surgery Planning

At the initial appointment, the surgeon will create a unique cosmetic surgery plan for the patient, which will be customized to their specific requirements. The surgeon will assess the patient’s overall body shape, the natural shape of the arms, skin quality, and level of skin laxity in the arms. They may also take pictures and observe the arm as the patient moves it.

These steps will allow the surgeon to develop an individualized brachioplasty procedure. The patient will be encouraged to actively engage in the planning process as well as offer their inputs on every facet. The surgeon will ask them to discuss their aesthetic goals and desires and try to include these inputs in the surgical plan.

The patient will understand the type of brachioplasty that they will undergo, the type of anesthesia used, the estimated recovery duration, and the expected outcomes of the procedure. The surgeon may show arm lift before and after images to help the patient develop realistic expectations.

The reviews and testimonials of patients who have undergone arm lift surgery may be shown to the new patient to help them understand the procedure from another patient’s perspective.

Costs, Payment and Financing

The patient should freely discuss the cost implications at the time of the pre-operative consultation to get clarity on the approximate costs, including pre and post-surgical expenses. The surgeon or their team will discuss the payment methods, and may also provide information and guidance on financing options.

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