Choose a Breast Reduction Surgeon You can Trust

Choose a Breast Reduction Surgeon You can TrustAlthough the field of cosmetic surgery has undergone dramatic transformation over the years with improved surgical techniques, but the single key factor that continues to influence the final outcomes in procedures such as breast reduction is the skill and expertise of the surgeon. Therefore, a patient should invest sufficient time and effort to identify the best surgeon for her breast reduction needs.

The patient can expect better outcomes when she enjoys a good rapport with the surgeon and has a relationship of trust and open communication. A cooperative relationship and close engagement will enable the surgeon to create the best possible results. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bram Kaufman provides breast reduction and other procedures to patients in Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Cleveland, OH, and surrounding locations.



Dr. Kaufman is board certified from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), which is the most respected and authoritative board in the field. He is also a member of the prestigious American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS). Dr. Kaufman has more than 25 years of surgical experience and training, which enables him to address even the most complex surgical cases with ease and ensure predictable outcomes.

Dr. Kaufman has been on faculty at the University of Texas Health Science Center for two years, and has spent nearly two decades in the study and practice of plastic and cosmetic surgery. With such strong credentials, Dr. Kaufman has become the first choice of many women seeking advanced surgical procedures such as breast reduction.


Selecting a Board Certified Surgeon

A board certification in plastic surgery from the ABPS automatically serves as a reassurance for a patient about the surgeon’s excellence because of the rigorous selection standards of the ABPS for awarding certification. A surgeon with this certification would have undergone a minimum of three to five years of medical training, including at least two years dedicated exclusively to plastic surgery training.

Board certified surgeons will typically invest in the best standards of care and best practices, use the latest surgical techniques, pursue continuing education, and follow the current safety protocols to produce the best outcomes for their patients. Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Kaufman receives patients from Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Cleveland, OH, and nearby areas.



Dr. Kaufman believes that optimal results in breast reduction surgery can be achieved when the surgeon takes into account the patient’s unique breast anatomy and her personal aesthetic needs and goals. Therefore, instead of adopting a cookie cutter or one size fits all approach, Dr. Kaufman will tailor the procedure to suit the specific requirements of the patient.

Customization allows Dr. Kaufman to make the procedure less invasive and more effective, while creating results that will meet or exceed the patient’s expectations. He will carefully determine whether the patient needs only breast liposuction or tissue and skin excision with muscle tightening, or a combination of the two. In a few cases, he may also recommend breast lift in conjunction with breast reduction for more comprehensive results.

To learn more about cosmetic treatment and procedures or to schedule a consultation by Cleveland Ohio area plastic surgeon, Dr. Bram Kaufman, please contact us at 1-216-778-2245 or click here.

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