How long will it be until I see results after liposuction surgery?

How long will it be until I see results after liposuction surgery?While liposuction instantly removes excess fat from the body, the outcomes are not always immediately apparent. The patient will need to keep some patience after the surgery as the body requires time to heal from the procedure.

The patient can evaluate whether liposuction is a suitable procedure for them by understanding what the cosmetic surgery can do and how long it can take for the outcomes to become visible.

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Waiting for Liposuction Outcomes

It usually takes one full year after the procedure for the final outcomes to establish. While some patients experience dramatic results within three to six months of their surgery, others may see continuous improvements in their outcomes for up to a year.

The patient will require additional surgery to eliminate their extra fat if they are unhappy with the outcomes of their primary liposuction. In general, these types of patients should wait for at least one year prior to making a decision to undergo revision surgery.


Why do Outcomes Take Time?

A majority of patients are happy with their liposuction results, but usually, ask why it takes time for the final outcomes to establish. The reason for this is that the body requires time to heal from the procedure and revert to its normal state. It takes time for the inflammation to subside in the case of liposuction.

The skin also requires time to contract. Certain patients have more sagging skin than others and may require an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to re-contour their bodies comprehensively. Outcomes can also differ based on the combination of procedures undertaken and the amount of fat removed with liposuction.


What to Do to Enhance Your Results?

There are some things that a patient can do to enhance their liposuction cosmetic surgery results and enable the outcomes to establish faster.

Wearing a compression garment as recommended by the surgeon can greatly enhance your post-lipo outcomes. A garment holds everything in place after the liposuction and can enhance the shape of the body. Furthermore, it helps minimize discomfort, pain, and inflammation after the liposuction.

The patient should wear the compression garment as long as they feel comfortable with it and what their surgeon recommends. Some individuals only wear their garments for two weeks, while others wear theirs for around six weeks after the liposuction surgery.

Patients should avoid vigorous exercise for some time after their procedure. However, they should not remain completely sedentary during the recovery period.

Regular walks will enable the patient to recover faster and minimize the risk of blood clot development and other surgical complications.

In addition, regular walks during the early recovery will help the patient to return to exercising as soon as they can. The surgeon will typically ask the patient to avoid aggressive exercise for at least four weeks following liposuction. This is not the time to go all out at your child’s soccer practice or to chase the dog in the backyard vigorously.

It is sagacious for patients to work with a board certified plastic surgeon with vast experience in performing liposuction to attain the best possible outcomes from their procedure.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Bram Kaufman receives patients from Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Cleveland, OH, and nearby areas for liposuction.
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