How long does it take to recover after arm lift surgery?

How long does it take to recover after arm lift surgery?Recovery is a vital part of any major cosmetic surgery procedure, such as an arm lift. Patients should have clarity on the estimated recovery period involved so that they can plan the procedure accordingly. 

The surgeon will explain the recovery process to the patient in detail before the procedure. They will also offer instructions to be followed during the post-op period for a safer and faster recovery.

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Recovery Period

In the case of arm lift surgery, the estimated recovery period can range from one to two weeks, depending on certain factors. If the patient has undergone a full upper arm lift or a mini arm lift, the skills and experience of the surgeon and the patient’s natural abilities to heal will determine the duration of the arm lift recovery period.

The patient should budget for at least one to two weeks of leave from work and remain at home to heal properly. It will take several weeks before the inflammation fully subsides from the arms, and the patient can resume vigorous activities.

Planning for Recovery

In case the patient has small children, they may have to arrange for assistance with childcare. In addition, they should make arrangements for someone to drive them back home after their arm lift procedure. 

Ideally, the patient should choose a time of surgery when they are least likely to have any pressing need to be at the workplace, travel, or have any other important engagements to look after. 

In case the patient smokes, they will need to discontinue smoking at least a few weeks before the date of the surgery. They must continue to avoid smoking throughout the recovery duration to minimize the risk of complications. In addition, the patient should also stock up on healthy foods, particularly lean proteins. 

Initial Week after Surgery

The plastic surgeon will usually prescribe pain drugs for the initial few days to ease discomfort due to swelling and soreness. The patient should sit and sleep with arms in a raised position to reduce inflammation. 

The bandages should be replaced, and surgical drains cleaned, according to the surgeon’s guidelines. The patient may resume taking a shower after the drains are removed, or as directed by the surgeon.

The patient should perform light activities and gentle walks at home in the initial week to enhance blood supply and promote healing. 

Follow-Up Appointments

The patient will usually have to return for an appointment with the surgeon a week after the cosmetic surgery. During this appointment, the surgeon may take out the drains and remove the sutures. They may also schedule another follow-up appointment around four weeks after the surgery.

At this appointment, the surgeon will evaluate the outcomes of the arm lift procedure. The patient will receive further guidelines for recovery and overall desirable cosmetic results at each appointment.

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