How much does Hand Surgery Cost?

How much does Hand Surgery Cost?Severe trauma or deformity related to the hand or upper extremities may require surgical repair, typically in combination with cosmetic surgery to restore both function and aesthetics. At the time of pre-op consultation, the surgeon will discuss all aspects of hand surgery, including its estimated costs.

The first goal of the surgeon will be to educate the patient about the procedure and help them make an informed decision. Patients in Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Cleveland, OH, and surrounding communities have an opportunity to receive hand surgery from board certified and prolific plastic surgeon Dr. Bram Kaufman.


Price Variation

The monetary amount of hand surgery can vary from one patient to another at the same practice. The nature and extent of hand injury or deformity will be unique, requiring a customized treatment approach. Some patients may only require a minor surgical repair for simple lacerations, while some others may need a major hand or upper extremity reconstruction.

Similarly in case of hand arthritis, nerve injury or congenital deformity, the complexity of each case will vary. Advanced surgeries may involve functional as well as cosmetic surgery, in addition to the expertise of an orthopedic surgeon. The costs of post-operative rehabilitation, physical therapy, medicines, and psychological therapy should also be considered, depending on the situation.


Financial Factors

The costs of hand surgery can differ from one practice to another due to a number of factors. Where the practice is located is an important factor that will influence the costs. The price tag for real estate and other overhead expenses are typically higher in main metropolitan areas, prime urban centers and cities along the coasts. Therefore, a practice located in such area would typically charge more than a practice situated in a small town in a remote area.

The fee charged by the surgeon will usually depend on their qualifications and experience. The surgeon should ideally have training in both hand surgery and plastic surgery in order to create optimal results.

Board certified plastic surgeons, in particular, would invest in best practices and high quality standards, adopt the latest surgical techniques and technology, pursue continuing education, and follow the current safety protocols.

Major hand surgery procedures may be performed using general anesthesia, which will involve an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist. Their fee will vary according to their skills and experience. The procedure may be performed at a hospital, an accredited surgery center or a private surgical suite. The costs and benefits associated with each option should be considered.


Insurance and Financing

Hand surgery procedures are often covered by health insurance. As long as the hand injury, arthritis, or congenital deformity is causing functional limitations, pain or compromising the overall quality of life, the costs of the surgery may be fully or partially covered under the patient’s health plan.

For other patients, several third party financing options are available, which include professional medical care finance companies. These companies offer quick approval loans with competitive interest rates and convenient monthly installments.

Standout and proven plastic surgeon Dr. Kaufman receives patients from Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Cleveland, OH, and other areas and neighborhoods in this area of the north Midwest for hand surgery.

To learn more about cosmetic treatment and procedures or to schedule a consultation by Cleveland Ohio area plastic surgeon, Dr. Bram Kaufman, please contact us at 1-216-778-2245 or click here.

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