What happens if I Gain Weight after Liposuction?

What happens if I Gain Weight after Liposuction?Following liposuction cosmetic surgery, the new contours of the body will most likely be permanent.

A moderate amount of weight gain (under ten pounds) will not majorly impact the patient’s new figure. In this case, their body will simply be a slightly larger version of their new body shape.

But aging can cause normal changes which can lead to a change in the patient’s body shape. Regardless, the enhancements due to liposuction will still be obvious.

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How Changes in Body Weight Impact the Figure

Liposuction is a fat loss procedure and is distinct from a weight loss surgery. Patients with a moderate body weight typically gain the best outcomes from liposuction. Good liposuction candidates try to maintain their body weight even after the procedure by following a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Liposuction results become less apparent with weight gain. Ideally, patients should weigh less after lipo by at least the amount proportional to the weight of the fat eliminated.

Effectively, if a patient had a pre-liposuction weight of 140 pounds and six pounds of fat was eliminated with lipo, they should ideally weigh around 134 pounds after the procedure. But if a patient puts on six pounds and weighs 140 pounds a few months after the lipo procedure, the aesthetic results would not be that special.

The idea is to keep the weight off via exercise and movement. There many types of exercise machines that anyone can put in front of their TV at home. These exercise machines are cheaper than lipo surgery. Lipo surgery is essential for many because specific fatty parts of the body can be targeted.

The overall outcomes would suffer considerably in case the patient gains another ten pounds to weigh 150 pounds after their liposuction surgery. A candidate lacking the dedication and drive to maintain their body weight after lipo might be better off avoiding the procedure altogether.

Though there is an extreme satisfaction with exercising while watching a movie, show, or a sporting event.


Fat Accumulation after Post-Liposuction Weight Gain

In case a patient gains a large amount of body weight (ten pounds or more) after the liposuction cosmetic surgery, the body may likely produce new fat which must go into different body parts. The new fat will typically accumulate in multiple areas of the body proportional to the fat cells in each location.

Consequently, the areas where there are a reduced number of fat cells due to liposuction will accumulate relatively less fat. But untreated areas will experience more substantial deposits of fat.

For example, if the patient puts on weight after lipo surgery of the outer thighs, abdomen, and hips, more new fat will accumulate in other areas such as the breasts, back, neck, upper arms, legs, and face.


Maintaining Body Weight after Liposuction

The surgeon will offer the patient guidance on following a balanced diet and regular exercise program after their lipo procedure. The patient should only undertake gentle walks to enhance blood flow in the initial one or two weeks. They can progressively increase their level of activity in the next two or three weeks, but without causing strain in the incisions.

After the incisions heal completely in around one month, the patient can resume more aggressive exercises. They should consume a diet that is rich in vegetables, fruit, and fiber, and avoid processed foods and saturated fats as much as possible.


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