Facelift Procedure Steps

Facelift Procedure StepsA facelift is one of the major cosmetic surgery procedures that can take several years off the patient’s face and make them appear more attractive and youthful. During the pre-op consultation, the surgeon will educate the patient about all the steps involved in the procedure. This will help the patient to gain better understanding of the surgery and make them feel more confident.

Dr. Bram Kaufman is a board certified plastic surgeon providing facelift and various other cosmetic procedures for the face, body, and breast. Dr. Kaufman will help the patient make a well-considered decision about facelift surgery. Patients in Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Cleveland, OH, and surrounding communities have an opportunity to receive this procedure from Dr. Kaufman.



Facelift surgery procedure will begin once the patient has been placed under anesthesia. The surgery is usually performed with the patient under general anesthesia, but local anesthesia with IV sedation may be used in some cases. This decision will be made in advance and the patient will assessed for their fitness to receive general anesthesia.

An anesthesiologist or anesthetist nurse will perform general anesthesia, and will normally stay throughout the cosmetic surgery to monitor the patient’s response. In case of any adverse response, these professionals may be able to anticipate the situation early and take appropriate measures well in time.


Incision Placement

After anesthesia, the surgeon will start the procedure by placing the incisions in pre-determined locations. Their goal will be to minimize the size of incisions and place them in discreet locations so that any subsequent scarring remains as inconspicuous as possible. The incisions will generally be placed within the hairline, but their exact number and length can differ according to the type of technique used.  

Minor incisions can be placed in the natural facial creases because these locations not only heal better but also hide the scars more naturally. In a traditional facelift surgery, the incision will begin behind the hairline on one side of the head, slightly above the temple. It will then follow the hairline down to the ear, continuing into the lower scalp under the hair.


Muscle and Skin Tightening

Through the incisions, the surgeon will gently lift the facial skin to remove or redistribute excess fat tissue, reposition weak muscles, and excessive loose skin. After the facial contours have been improved, the surgeon will re-drape the skin tightly and smoothly using staples or sutures.

Thereafter, the incision sites will be wrapped in bandages to protect them. Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Kaufman receives patients from Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Cleveland, OH, and other communities in the region for facelift surgery.


Additional Surgeries

Sometimes it may be necessary to perform facelift in conjunction with other surgeries to achieve the patient’s desired cosmetic goals. Facial or neck liposuction, facial fat transfer, facial implants, upper face procedures such as brow lift or eyelid surgery, and non-surgical options such as facial fillers or Botox injections may be used to create more comprehensive, customized and natural looking outcomes. The overall procedure steps will have to be slightly adjusted in such cases.

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