I hope you gather important information from this website. However, ultimately your decision to proceed with surgery and our choice of the best surgical approach can only be made after a personal consulation. First consultations are usually 30 to 60 minutes long, depending on the issues we need to address. It is very helpful to bring any pertinent medical records, reports and x-rays you may have regarding the specific issues we are to discuss. We will also ask that you complete a brief plastic surgery information form with important questions pertaining to your health status and histories. A link to a copy of this form can be found on the Patient Resources tab so that you may complete this at your leisure and bring it with you.

We will spend a good deal of time discussing your particular situation. This gives me a chance to learn what specific goals you have set for your surgery and it gives you a chance to learn more about the various options available and their advantages and disadvantages. A well directed physical exam by myself and one of our experienced nurses gives you and me an opportunity to discuss specifics. Finally, and in most instances, be prepared to have photographs taken.

Depending on the surgical issue, additional discussion or workup may be necessary. I encourage my patients to fully research their particular situation and return with questions, photographs and ideas. The intervening period also gives us a chance to fully consider what was discussed at our first meeting.

Once we have agreed upon a surgical procedure, we will discuss scheduling. This includes the date, and location of surgery. Most often these issues can be finalized right in the office. You will receive instructions regarding preparation for your surgery and details about the day of surgery. Younger and healthier patients often have thier evaluation on the morning of surgery. If you do require presurgical testing (physical exam, labs, x-rays) we will help arrange that for you and can be done by our staff or your own physician. You will receive instructions on how to manage your regular medications around the time of surgery, as well as information on which medications to avoid before and after surgery. More detailed information about the surgical process and preoperative instructions can be obtained on the Patient Resources page.


For cosmetic issues, there is a nominal consultation fee that covers the first consultation and any additional pre-operative visits. If you elect to proceed with surgery, that fee is applied to the total cost of the procedure. Consultation fees are not refundable. When we have agreed upon which surgery is appopriate, you will receive a letter that outlines the total cost of the procedure(s) including the anesthetic and facility fees. Often this letter can be provided at the first consultation. You may notice that the price includes the cost of compulsory cosmetic surgery insurance ( which will protect you should you suffer a complication of your cosmetic procedure. The quote for the surgeon’s fee is valid for six months and the facility and anesthetic fee for three months. All post operative visits are included in the procedure fee.

Financing is available through Care Credit. This convenient option is endorsed by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and applications may be made online at

If your surgical issue is covered or partially covered by insurance, we will submit the office consultation to your insurance company and you will be responsible only for your co-pay and/or other costs as stated in your insurance policy. For many procedures we will need to contact your insurance company to obtain pre-authorization for the surgery.