Endoscopic Technique

Endoscopic Technique Surgery

In recent years, the endoscopic technique has become more popular in plastic surgery because it allows the surgeon to adopt a relatively less invasive approach. The technique involves the use of an endoscope, which is an advanced viewing device that enables the surgeon to view underlying structures of the treatable area through very small incisions.

How the Endoscope is used?

A plastic surgeon may use a endoscope for various procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuck, body lift, breast augmentation, and mommy makeover. A thin probe fitted with a miniature camera is inserted through a small incision. The camera transmits images of the underlying structures in the targeted area on a viewing monitor. The surgeon views the screen while performing surgery, which allows them to achieve more precise outcomes with less invasive manipulation of the tissue.

Key Benefits

With an endoscopic surgical technique, it is possible to achieve the desired results with less conspicuous scarring. Secondly, the post-op recovery may be faster because of a relatively less invasive surgery. A typical endoscopic surgery will involve just a few minor incisions, less than an inch long. In a procedure such as breast augmentation, for instance, only two incisions may be needed.

The endoscopic camera helps the surgeon to watch the surgical site virtually as clearly as if the skin had been opened through a long incision. With smaller incisions, the risk of nerve damage and sensory loss occurring in the surgical area is reduced. The pain and discomfort following the surgery is usually lesser.

In many cases, the endoscopic technique will avoid the need for general anesthesia, which further reduces the risk as well as discomfort. An overnight stay at the hospital may be avoided, and the procedure may be performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia with IV sedation. However, it is important that the procedure should be performed only by a surgeon experienced in endoscopy.

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