Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) Recovery

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) Recovery
Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) Recovery

Blepharoplasty, commonly known as eyelid surgery, is an intricate procedure and will involve some downtime and recovery period like any other cosmetic surgery. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss the estimated recovery process in order to help the patient make an informed decision. Busy mothers and working people are usually more concerned about recovery and may make their decision accordingly.

Dr. Bram Kaufman is a leading board certified plastic surgeon providing eyelid surgery. Dr. Kaufman will perform the procedure using less invasive surgical techniques to minimize the risk and reduce the recovery time. He receives patients from Pepper Pike, Cleveland, OH, and surrounding communities.

Immediate Post-Op Phase

In most cases, eyelid surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure. As per the conditions specific to a case, the surgeon will determine the appropriate environment during the immediate post-op phase. In some cases, the eyes will be covered with bandages following eyelid cosmetic surgery. In some other cases, lubricating ointment or cold compresses may be applied after the surgery.

Before the patient leaves for home, the surgeon will give detailed instructions regarding eye care during the period of recovery. Medications will also be prescribed for pain management, reducing the risk of infection, and promoting faster healing. The patient will be given an appointment for the first follow-up visit to the office of the plastic surgeon.

Initial healing period is likely to be marked by minor bruising, swelling, itching, or dry eye conditions. These can be managed with ointments, medications, and cold compresses as advised by the surgeon. Eye drops to prevent dry eyes may be prescribed.

First Few Weeks

In the first week, the patient should not put extra strain on the eyes, and avoid activities such as television watching, reading, or computer work. Extra strain may lead to dry eye condition. The head should be maintained in a raised position as far as possible for the first few days to minimize bruising and swelling. Around the end of the first week, the sutures will be removed and most patients will be able to return to work or resume their normal routine.

Dr. Kaufman recommends to his patients in Pepper Pike, Cleveland, OH, and nearby areas to wear sunglasses for the first one month when they go out of home. This will provide protection against irritation that may occur due to sun and wind. Frequent naps can help in the first few weeks because the eyes will tend to get tired easily.

Heavy lifting of weights, bending and aggressive exercises should be avoided for about one month following the blepharoplasty procedure. This will reduce the risk of increase blood flow to the eyes.

Total Recovery Period

It can take several weeks before the patient recovers fully after eyelid surgery. Redness and swelling in the treated areas will fade away gradually. Full results will establish over a few months as the eyes appear younger and more alert. Patients who follow the surgeon’s instructions properly will have better chances of a faster recovery.

To learn more about cosmetic treatment and procedures or to schedule a consultation by Cleveland Ohio area plastic surgeon, Dr. Bram Kaufman, please contact us at 1-216-778-2245 or click here.

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