Buttock Lift

Surgery to correct deformities of the buttock is often termed “buttock lift”, “butt lift” or “gluteoplasty.”  In reality, these terms encompass a wide variety of surgical corrections.

Butt Lift Surgery

Some patients have considerable excess skin and need a lift only. This involves removing of a wide strip of skin from the upper buttock/lower back region and elevation of the lax skin from below. Other people tend to have loose skin and little buttock volume giving them a rather flat appearance. In this instance the buttock lift includes removal of the excess skin AND repositioning of the gluteal tissue to provide more fullness where it is needed.  Still other patients have the need for a decrease in the volume of the buttock which can be addressed with liposuction and / or direct skin and fat excision. Finally, there is a subset of patients who suffer from good skin quality and tone but need more volume. In this case, fat grafting alone can provide the solution and is performed by taking fat with liposuction from another area of the body and injecting it into the buttock region.

The buttock and thighs are different anatomic areas but they have a very close and interactive relationship. Some patients may wish to address only the buttock area while others will need to correct changes in the buttocks and thighs, particularly the lateral or outside areas of the thighs. This is often done at the time of the buttock lift through the same incisions but provides a significant correction to the contour and shape of the hip and lateral thigh area. Some surgeons might also refer to this portion of the case as a “lower body lift.”  It is often very helpful for those patients who have undergone massive weight loss.

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